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Traffic Rule Violation Management Software

Integrated with cameras and speed tracking hardware, this software is used to log violation cases, generate alerts/SMS and prosecute the vehicle/driver. Any kind of violation case (Over Speed, RLVD, Stop line Violation, Without Helmet etc.) can be logged through this application with images that are stored in cloud for verification.The document which contains case details along with image, can be produced as legal document in court.

Smart signalling

This method of smart traffic signalling system collects the data from Google API, and uses the historical data to detect and sense the presence and movement of vehicles on the road. The data collected from this system will be sent to a centralized system (AI) for further analysis. AI further sends the data to signal controlling device to control traffic signal lights at crossing points.
Smart Traffic Signalling Solution is running successfully at about 10 Traffic signals in Kolkata and 20 signals in Bangalore, India.

Centralized Incident Management & Emergency Response System (CIMERS)

CIMERS is a highly flexible solution that can be configured for every incident type. CIMERS is used for emergency Incident tracking, action monitoring, digital case diary and reporting. It has the capability to store internal and external source information together and also provides the capability to contextualize data as per need for various stakeholders. It uses the power of Big Data for storage and processing power; provides the ability to deal with structured and unstructured data. This solution enables the capacity to connect any device, sensor, vehicle and human being to extract meaningful information. This is one single application to integrate all possible stakeholders and communication channels to manage the life cycle of an incident.

Smart Parking Solution

s-Parking is an integrated parking management system which brings together all the stakeholders to provide a comprehensive solution through a smartphone-based technology. An effortless vehicle parking can be accomplished through this application as it allows its users to park the vehicle by scanning a simple QR code. Consumer can search, pre-book and navigate to the desired parking lot through this application. It also supports an easy entry and exit at the parking lots with electronic cashless payments. Smart Parking offers conveniently located parking space that are close to your office, favorite restaurant, retailer or cultural venue at the most affordable hourly rates.
s-Parking enables its clients to expand their suite of services and increase revenue. It records every transaction to get a transparent report on revenue generation. It has minimum hardware dependency and can incorporate all your existing parking equipment to reduce operation cost.

Product Serialization

VIG’s IoT and software solution on product serialization helps the clients to track and trace the product by assigning unique, traceable numbers to individual sale- able unit. It also helps its clients in making profits by preventing counterfeiting.

Adhaar Linked Electronic-Primary Health (ALEPH)

VIG has developed a solution, called ALEPH, to build a better health care system for the use of both government and private entity like medical technology and insurance firms. ALEPH has two components, such as, Patient Kiosk and Doctor Admin. Patient Kiosk collects all the patient’s demographic and health record (HR), which is adhaar linked, to store data locally and sync with remote server when connected. A Doctor can provide primary diagnosis and care based on these Electronic Health Record (EHR).

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