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We are a leading global solution provider for Smart City

Vyoma Innovus Global Private Limited is a Kolkata based IT company with vision and mission to provide smart IT solution to the society. VIG has started its journey in the year of 2016 with four techies. Our first IoT and software solution were on product serialization that was used to track and trace the product by assigning unique, traceable numbers to individual saleable unit. It helped its clients in making profits by preventing counterfeiting.

VIG also offers a “Smart City Solutions” which help our client to build a better and smarter society. There are several products under this “Smart City Solutions” such as, “Smart Parking Solution”, “Smart Traffic Signalling Solution”, “Smart Housing Complex Solution”, “Centralized Incident Monitoring and Emergency Response System(CIMERS)”. Smart Parking is an android based easy solution that is used by almost 700 agents in Kolkata and having more than 3 lacs consumers with zero complaint. VIG’s Smart Traffic Signalling Solution is running successfully at about 20 Traffic signals in Kolkata. In addition to these VIG also developed a solution to build a better health care system for the society . The solution is called “Adhaar Linked E-Primary Health(ALEPH)”.

who we are

WE are the family of "INNOVATORS". Vyoma Innovus Global also provides smart and innovative software solutions to build a better society. We understand the root cause of the business problem so that we can bring next generation platform with high scalability to meet the future unpredictable high demand of data and resources.

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Vyoma Innovus Global works closely with clients to analyze and understand before supplying and installing the customized IT or IoT solution. VIG also works on Block chain technology to provide tamper proof work flow solution. Our solution not only enables our clients to manage day-to-day activities in a superior way but also provides better customer satisfaction and revenue generation. We provide our client a trouble free and efficient maintenance.

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Agile Methodology – We are focused on agile. To survive in this rapid changing era, we carry out changes at any time in order to adapt to the evolution of project requirements. We minimize costs, increase flexibility, transparency, innovation, competitiveness, and productivity in software projects.

Continuous Delivery - Continuous delivery is an excellent software development approach that helps to bring the best software to our users’ hands where it has the most value.

Inventive Technology – Higher quality and innovative work based on modern technology at low cost, time and risk

Techno-Functional - We are techno-functional domain experts, which means our clients achieve exceptional results and our employees get an opportunity to work on innovative projects.

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Smart Work Environment

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